The Trinity Question Answered.

Thanks for you note and your concern. We most certainly believe that God, Hear O Israel the Lord our God, the Lord is One. Jesus taught this as the first greatest commandment as did God in the commandments handed down to Moses. No other Gods before him. God also states that there are no gods BESIDES him. The Holy Spirit, or Holy Ghost as it is translated in some versions, means the "special wind" of God - ie: the power He uses to manifest himself. The burning bush, the dove that went to Jesus at his baptsim, these are manifestations of God's holy spirit - special power that he uses. It is not separate from God - not a separate entity - but is a part of God.

Jesus is God's son. he was a man, born of a woman, born in our sinful nature - like we all are. he lived his life without sin, and turned his life to God and to complete obidience to him it was revealed to Jesus that he was God's "beloved son" - and Paul warns us not to believe the doctrine brought in by the Greeks and Romans, that maintains that "God came down from heaven and was made man." This is where intrepretation is so important - and careful study of word translation and where things were added.

When Jesus speaks of being one with God, he speaks as Paul, and all of us can speak if our minds and spirits are one with God. Read Jesus' prayer in John closely, about who all are "one" with God. Then go to Paul's warnings where he says that if we do not believe that Jesus was of the flesh and died and resurrected then we are in error.

There are many other proofs - God can't die, for example. And, we must believe that Jesus died and rose again by the power of God. And Jesus, son of God, is the first fruits of what we all have available to us - perfect life, immortal, living in the presence of God, in his Kingdom, here on Earth.

I ask that you read on, there are more lessons on this. And no, we do not believe that Jesus is a demi-God.

Does this help?

i forgot to suggest that you search the Bible for the word trinity- or for the doctrine of the trinity. Also, look on-line for the doctrine of the trinity. i think you will be surprised at its development, and how much later it came along. then read john, and the other letters of the apostles and see if you can determine any warnings about "false doctrines" that were beginning to creep into the young christian groups.

Anwer to a Key Bible Lesson Student Leslie