I was first motivated to read the Bible and learn about the life of Jesus because I heard the Messiah (by Handel) and loved the man I was hearing about, especially what was sung about him in Isaiah 53. Who was that, why did he do that, how does he know and love me? I was thrilled to learn that the words for the music were directly out of the Bible, so I began to read it and study it. I was 11. It was another 15 years before I found a group of people who actually believed the Bible - so I studied more and was finally baptised. This group was the Christadelphians.

My love for Jesus continues to motivate me. When I think of his life here on earth and how he was motivated by the love of his father to accomplish what he did then I am motivated to know more. Through that motivation I learn about God, and that he so loves the world that he gave us his son - his only begotten son - so that if we love and believe on him then we can gain all that is lost through our disobedient nature.

And I continue to learn daily that as long as I continue to love the Bible and as long as I will continue to believe the promises there that I will see this man I have learned about and loved. As long as I believe then I too will stand before Jesus, just as another woman did thousands of years ago, and he will look in me and see that love. Then, he will say to me - where are your accusers? . . . Then when none reply he will say, neither do I condemn thee Joh 8:10-11 come, enter into my Kingdom. Mat 7:21 And God, whose love was taught to me through his son, will wipe away the tears from my eyes Rev 21:4 and my love will be made whole. Amen, come quickly Lord Jesus. Rev 22:20-21 .

Sister Leslie Morrell