The Sin of Gossip

Gossip will keep you OUT of the Kingdom

The following was taken from Selah -

" Oh! The unkindness of some. They will search out, magnify, and publish to the four quarters of the globe the failings of their neighbours; but for their neighbours' good traits, they have no eyes, no ears, no tongues. Why this unkindness? It may arise from envy, or spite, or the mere love of scandal. But whatever the cause, the practice is utterly wrong, for God has forbidden it. "Speak not evil one of another." "Thou shalt not go up and sow as a talebearer among thy people." It is wrong, for it is thoughtless and cruel. Have we not all failings? Is it not, as a rule, calling the kettle black? Who would wish their own weaknesses to be advertised to the world? Let those who are given to the pernicious habit of scandalizing cease, for if persisted in it will unquestionably imperil our salvation. "

Quoted from Selah - by Sister Roberts

May each of us be encouraged to battle against the thoughts of the flesh.

Sisters Dylla