Sometimes if we examine our attitudes toward our life and our future directions, we may find that we are somewhat lacking in faith. In our prayers we may ask God's guidance in our life and undertakings, but in our actions we proceed as though we are not quite sure God is with us.

He may not be, if our faith is lacking. We are told in Hebrews 11:6 "without faith it is impossible to please Him."

Ways to get Faith

Faith comes from pondering events in our lives and recognizing God's hand in shaping circumstances which led us to the Truth in the first place. We may look back at past trials and their outcomes, and see the hand of God in guiding us out of turmoil and stormy seas into smoother, calmer waters. Events in our lives which we casually attribute to chance, or worse, our own pluck or intelligence, may simply be God's guidance.

Trusting in God

If we objectively review our lives with open hearts we will see God's love and goodness towards us. If we put our trust in Him, and think of present trials as divinely appointed opportunities for spiritual growth, the result would naturally be greater faith in God. The effect could be exponential, if we allow it, because with faith, our love and obedience toward God will increase, which should inspire us to expend a greater effort in developing the fruits of the spirit. Perhaps the most rewarding outcome, and the most challenging, would be the ability to forgive the perpetrators of our trials, if such exists.


It would truly be a tragedy if we did not discern and prayerfully acknowledge, with thanksgiving and praise, the loving intervention in our lives of our Heavenly Father.

Sister Sharon Johnatty