Sisters and Complaining


We might find ourselves complaining about, noisy neighbors; the high cost of an item; or high taxes. Someone is responsible for most things we complain about. The noise that bothers us is the fault of the neighbors. High costs are decided by companies, while taxes are imposed on us by governments. But when we complain about the weather "It's too cold/hot, I don't like the rain", we know the Father is the source of all these.

How to stop

It might be a helpful exercise when complaining and feeling sorry for ourselves, to sing the words of our Hymn 151 , especially this last verse

Hymn 151

"Why should we complain
Of want or distress,
Temptation or pain?
He told us no less:
The heirs of salvation,
We know from his Word,
Through much tribulation
Must follow their Lord."

This should help dissolve complaints.

Get some encouragement

For our comfort and lesson in contentment, Hymn 56 is a great encouragement:

Hymn 56

"If thou but suffer God to guide thee,
And hope in Him through all thy ways,
He'll give thee strength whate'er betide thee,
And bear thee through the evil days...
What can these anxious cares avail thee,
These never-ceasing moans and sighs?
What can it help, if thou bewail thee,
O'er each dark moment as it flies?
Our cross and trials do but press
The heavier for our bitterness.

Only be still, and wait His leisure,
In CHEERFUL HOPE, with heart content,
To take whate'er thy Father's pleasure,
And all-discerning love hath sent..."

By Sister Shirley Luard

First published in Encouraging Words February 2001