He is Risen

One morning, before sunrise, after Sabbath closes, 3 women walk to a burial place where a dear friend of theirs was buried. He was a great man, though many people were in denial of his magnificence. These 3 women cared greatly enough for him to bring sweet spices to their dear friend's grave.

When they approached the grave they thought about how they'd get inside. It was closed off tightly by a great big stone that would take someone with great strength to move it. To their surprise, they didn't have to move the stone. There was no corpse inside either. All there was, was a young looking man in luminous white clothing. He informed them that their friend had risen and that they must tell Peter and the disciples the glad tidings.

Those were times of miracles, of true faith revealed and of prophesies unfolding. But it was hard for some people to believe that this great man, the man who resurrected people, the man who turned water into blood could ACTUALLY BE ALIVE.

Yes, we know that this is Jesus Christ.

One of the women, Mary Magdalene was encountered by Jesus. She followed the task she was given and brought the glad tidings to Peter and the 11 disciples, though they weren't glad at first. They were still grieving and mourning. It was too hard to believe something like that.

Jesus met them all in Galilee. It took a bit to convince them that it was really Christ. When they did understand though, he let them know what they should do for their task.

He told them to teach that if anyone gets baptized and repents, they'll be saved, but if not they shall die and not be in the kingdom of God.

Jesus did preach a bit more before he left, but soon after, he went up to the heavens to sit at the right hand of his Father, God.

And the word of God is preached from then on.

summary by Sister Leah Morrell